Sunday, March 16, 2008

so we went to our gramas house in utah and stayed for a while this was the result,
1. so we saw this pretty and we decided to take pictures in it, so this one is jessie on a rock in the creek.
2. me on a rock in the creek
3.and isaac grabbing his so called BOOB, i know really wierd
4. suprise it is jessica
5. all the girls (ecept amanda:( and my grandma) isaac,lauren and isaac friend (jarett)
7. so that me with a brain freeze from a milk shake and some one is trying to cheer me up
8. we were at a cave park and out side the park was a chipmunk i gave a nut to
9. so thats lauren and jerett in the caves
10. thats jessica pretending to fall of the railing down to the caves
11. so isaac is the only one who thinks he has jerett doing it to(don't worry they are always kidding when they pretend)
12 is jerett doing a hand stand.
13. well. . . . . . . . . . i don't really know what that is and then reapeats:) have a nice day!!
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

so this tanner i dont know ho is pulling on his face at our house but i thought it was funny and i had to post it:)
so this emma trying to fit in jessicas dress!

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so this is science camp and it was a blast! the first one is evelyn in a rain poncho(hehehehe) the 2 pic. is of eveyn in our cabin, 3 pic is me and my bff josephine i don't know if thats how you spell her name,4 is my whole cabin gro8p(we did not have any one from the other school in our cabin:(5 is jenisha and i on the buss on the way there6 is liz(elizabeth)7 is chriatina, 8is josephine, liz and me, 9 is liz and i, 10 is josie and i (josephine)11 is josie and i agian,12 pic is jenisha,13 is jenishaand me, then all my friends feet in a circle and repeats so that was science camp!!!:)
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ok so this is how i interpreted this pic. el tigre (tanners cat) is the one flying, Emma's cat
Reggis is the one on the stump hehehe

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so don't wory science camp pics are coming soon but here are some pictures i
found,1 st is jarred with a life saver, second is amanda and katie making a funny
face 3rd is tanner (and his puffy hair and ella) so the next 2 they were trying to
take a kid photo, 5th is andy parring ella to my mom, 6th is manda jess and josh,
then some more reapeats

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Saturday, March 1, 2008


hey i just got back from 6th grade science and had a blast, i will have a bunch of new pictures, but they are getting developed.